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Find your perfect plant

Before you can find the perfect plant for you, there's a few questions to think about to help narrow it down. 


What level of plant care can you commit to? 

Plants have different temperaments, some are easy, low-maintenance, and adaptable. They won’t mind if you forget to water them occasionally and will still thrive in less than ideal light conditions. Although, some other houseplants are not so forgiving. They like their soil to have just the right amount of moisture, whether they need frequent misting, or don’t like to be bumped or chilled.

So before choosing a houseplant, think about your level of experience with plants and the amount of time you can actually dedicate to your houseplant. Do you lead a busy life, constantly running back and forth with a full schedule? If this is the case, a low-maintenance, easy houseplant might be best for you. Or, do you have the time or desire to care for a plant that requires a little more attention? Or, perhaps you're even somewhere in between. The point is, no matter how much commitment you're willing to give to your plant, there is a perfect plant out there for you!


How much light do you get in your home?  

We all know plants need light to survive. However, some plants need more light than others and some plants hardly need any natural light at all. When it comes to caring for multiple different houseplants, it can be hard to determine what degree of light they all need. The general rule for the majority of houseplants is indirect light. This term often gets lost in translation, but indirect light means lots of bright light, with no direct sunlight shining in on your plant. Most houseplants will burn if placed in a position that receives direct sunlight on their leaves. So, if you're unsure what type of light your plant requires, stick with bright indirect light.

In saying that, if you are looking for a plant that can thrive in darker spaces, there are a few out there that would work for you.


How much space do you have? 

What appearance do you want to create with your plant? A tall bushy tree, or maybe a long trailing vine? This will all depend on the where you want to place the plant. Your answers to the above questions will impact your scope of choices for the plant, whether the environment you intend to place the plant has the correct lighting and how much care you are willing to give it. 


One more thing to keep in mind: does your plant need to be non-toxic to your cat or dog?  


If you're still unsure which is the perfect plant for you, come in and talk to us - we love talking about plants and will be able to help you find what you're looking for.