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Guide to Plant Products

Neem Oil  

The Plant Runner Neem oil is created using 100% certified organic neem seed that has been hand blended with a vegetable based wetting agent.

Neem has hundreds of different uses and is especially popular with indoor plants. We use it as a natural leaf shine to keep foliage looking lush and dust free. Wiping down your plant's foliage on a regular basis removes dust that can limit the plant's ability to photosynthesise.

It contains organic sulphur, proteins and various beneficial trace elements and can be used safely around pets and children. 

Indoor Plant Food 

Behold the Indoor Plant Food elixir to get your plants growing and thriving.

The Plant Runner Indoor Plant Food liquid is a special formulation of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (N.P.K), trace elements and seaweed as a superfood your plants will drink up.

It's almost completely odourless and comes with its own dropper for exact measurements and minimal waste. Each 1ml of Indoor Plant Food dropped into a litre of water and apply to plants as required. Made in Melbourne, designed by horticulturalists (a.k.a our nerdy selves).

Simply add the concentrate to your watering can at 1ml/litre, and water your plants as usual. No need to add any extra steps to your plant care routine - just add once and water in. Feeding should be done fortnightly while your plants are actively growing. Avoid or limit use during winter months. 


White Oil 

May be used indoors as well as outdoors and is suitable for use on indoor plants, ornamentals, citrus and fruit trees. White oil has a low toxicity on humans and wildlife. Hortico insecticide controls scale, aphids, mealybug and mites on roses, ornamentals, citrus and other fruit trees. And as an added benefit to being a pest controller - this white oil adds a glossy shine to your plants leaves.