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Office Plant Design

We offer plant styling and design services for your office. We can help you find the perfect pots and plants for your office environment and offer sunlight, watering and care tips to ensure the plants are perfectly suited to the conditions of your workplace. 

Plants suited to different levels of light include:

Dark lit areas: Zanzibar Gem

Low lit areas: Zanzibar Gem, Peace Lilly, Giant Peace Lilly, Snake Plant (Mother in Laws Tongue) 

Bright lit areas: Fiddle Leaf Fig, Bird of Paradise, Rubber Plant

We recommend watering twice a week during summer and once a week during winter. We also stock a range of plant care products that we will be happy to assist you with to keep your plants happy and healthy. Alternatively, we also offer a service where our team can come to your office to check the plants, provide any advice and top up plant fertiliser. 


Please contact info@littleleafdecor.com for enquiries about this service