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Propagation and Potting Tips


Propagating your plant in water is one of the easiest propagation methods, just follow the steps below:

1. Prune the cutting you wish to propagate from your plant, preferably with at least two leaves. Make sure you use very sharp scissors or pruning shears that are sanitised prior. 

2. This step applies to some plant species, but not all, when propagating. Before the cutting is placed in water it needs to be left in a warm place to cure for several hours. This will ensure the fresh end of the cutting can callous over, preventing it from rotting once in water. 

3. Once you put the cutting in water, place it somewhere warm with bright indirect light. Make sure to replace the water every few days to keep it clean and bacteria-free. 

4. Your plant should begin to develop roots in as little as a week. Once the roots are over 5cm long, you can plant the cutting into soil. Make sure to keep the soil moist (but not soaked) and in a warm position for a few more weeks while it adjusts to its new pot. 



You can usually tell when your plant needs to be repotted, either the roots have begun to grow through the drainage hole, or the plant has stopped growing at its usual rate. 

1. Remove the plant from its current pot by gently turning it on its size and guiding it out, remember to be very gentle at this step so you don't damage your plant. 

2. Once the plant is out, gently loosen the roots and shake out any old soil that the root system has grown around. 

3. Make sure the new pot is the right size, a diameter increase of 3-5cm is a good general rule. You want to avoid repotting your plant in a pot that is much larger than its current one, as this can risk root rot due to the increase in soil and water. 

4. Make sure you are using fresh soil when you are repotting. This will ensure the plant is getting fresh nutrients from the soil which will encourage new growth. 

5. Place the plant into the new pot and fill with soil. Try not to push the soil down and compact it too much as this can prevent the roots from being able to breathe. 

6. Now that the plant has been repotted into its new pot, make sure to give it a good water, and watch it grow!